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Beating afternoon fatigue: tips to stay energized

Less is More

It's proven that eating a light lunch can prevent afternoon fatigue. During digestion, your body requires a significant amount of blood in the digestive area, borrowing it from the brain and heart, for example. Ideally, you should feel slightly hungry. In fact, the Japanese believe that you should eat until you're 80% full for a peaceful digestion.

A salad with tomatoes, lentils, wild rice, and avocado, like the one you'll find in our book "Matcha, el placer de cuidarse", is the perfect meal for a day at the office or at home.

Avoid Coffee

Having coffee after meals can increase vasoconstriction, potentially making you even more tired. Instead of coffee, experts recommend drinking green tea. You can prepare it with milk and ice for a healthy mid-afternoon snack loaded with energy and antioxidants.

Moreover, matcha releases energy gradually over about six hours, keeping you more alert and focused during the afternoon.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, helping you concentrate a little more and stay awake.

Lights, Camera, Action

Light helps keep drowsiness at bay. If you're in a space with natural light, try to make the most of it and avoid closing the curtains or blinds. If not, an extra lamp in your workspace will help you conquer the afternoon, making the remaining hours before an evening walk pass by more quickly.

Put these tips into practice, and even if you're at the office, you'll feel as refreshed as if you were under an umbrella on a sunny day.

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