Everything about Matcha green tea

What is Matcha tea?

Matcha in Japanese means “tea powder”, this powder comes from the best ground green tea leaves. Matcha tea contains countless antioxidants and vitamins that help us stay fit and improve our health.


Matcha's creation process

Planted in the best lands of Kyoto, 20 days before harvesting, the green tea plantation is shaded in order to increase the concentration of chlorophyll, theanine and caffeine, causing its growth to be delayed. This is the moment when tea gets amino acids that give the leaf a sweeter taste.

The collection of green tea leaves is done manually in a thorough and methodical way, only by selecting the best leaves.

Once collected, they spread on a surface for drying the leaves. At this time the dried leaves, also called “tencha” can already be drank by infusing them in water.

1. Planting

Tea plants in Kyoto are shaded 20 days before harvest to enrich flavor and increase chlorophyll and theanine.

2. Harvesting

Green tea leaves are manually handpicked, selecting only the best leaves for quality.

3. Drying

Post-harvest, leaves are spread out to dry, transforming them into "tencha," ready for infusion.

4. Selecting

For Matcha powder, leaves are steamed and stems removed, ensuring only the finest parts are used.

5. Grinding

The leaves are finely ground using stone mills, producing the vibrant green Matcha powder.

The Japanese tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is a Japanese cultural activity that focuses on the preparation, service and drinking of Matcha green tea.

Currently, matcha has been increasingly incorporated into the day-to-day life of the Japanese, being introduced in recipes such as mochis, noodles, ice cream and a variety of sweet recipes. This is due to its highly healthy properties and the special flavor it has.

Matcha tea is defined by different grades, the type of production and the place where it comes from. The grade normally referred to as Ceremonial refers to that type of matcha tea that is good enough to be consumed during the tea ceremony, since it is only taken with water, without adding any other ingredient.

Our matcha tea, organic ceremonial grade

All varieties of our Matcha tea are Ceremonial grade, 100% organic in origin, without sugar, without preservatives or dyes, without gluten and suitable for vegans.

Our Matcha tea is grown in the Uji region, Kyoto, a region specially dedicated to planting and harvesting green tea; where they have been producing the best qualities of matcha tea for hundreds of years.

In addition, they have the European ecological certificate, which supports the use of products, for the maintenance of the harvest, which respect the European guidelines for consumption and responsible for the environment.

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