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Grumos en el té matcha: una señal de calidad

Have you ever wondered why matcha tea has lumps? There's a misconception that this is a sign of low-quality matcha, which is quite the opposite. Lumps are actually an indicator of high-quality matcha tea.

Making Matcha Tea

Before matcha is commercially available, it undergoes a process called stone grinding, where tencha leaves are slowly funneled between two carved granite stones and ground into a fine, delicate powder.

Matcha Stone Grinding

It's a slow and deliberate process to ensure that the friction between the two stones doesn't generate heat, which could cause the matcha to oxidize if done too quickly. The friction creates static electricity that binds the fine particles, resulting in slightly larger matcha lumps. Therefore, if you find matcha lumps, you can rest assured that it was stone-ground and is a method reserved for high-quality matcha.

How to Remove Matcha Lumps?

It's understood that drinking matcha with lumps is not ideal. Typically, people seek a smooth, silky texture free of lumps. The best way to achieve this is by sifting the matcha tea, either with a strainer or a stainless steel sieve.

It's a very easy preliminary step that only takes a few seconds. To do this, place the strainer over the chawan and use a spoon to gently sift the tea. Put a gram of matcha in the strainer and stir with a spoon until you've completely sifted and removed the matcha clumps.

Matcha Strainer

This lump formation is common due to humidity and temperature changes. The lumps don't dissolve with hot water, so sifting the matcha is recommended to not only separate its particles but also aerate them.

Sifting the Tea but Lumps Still Appear

If, despite sifting the tea, the final result still has lumps, it's advisable to prepare a smaller amount of matcha (like a shot) and then pour it into the beverage of your choice for mixing. It's ideal for enjoying with water or various types of milk like oat, almond, soy, rice, or cow's milk.

Making a shot of matcha (one part matcha and two parts warm water) is a useful method to ensure that large lumps break down evenly. A common mistake is diluting it in incorrect proportions and then mixing it. Instead, mixing the matcha in a smaller amount of water (or milk) and then pouring it into the drink will guarantee a smooth, lump-free experience.

For all these reasons, and for a perfect experience, it's essential to choose matcha tea correctly, and a perfect option is Matcha & CO's Premium Matcha Tea. It's 100% organic ceremonial matcha of the highest quality from Japan, selected from the finest plantations in Kyoto.

Premium Matcha Tea from Matcha & CO

A powerful antioxidant that provides energy, speeds up metabolism, and controls blood sugar levels. It's also made without colorings, preservatives, or sugar.

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