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¿Son importantes los probióticos para el cuidado de la piel?

Initially, it's important to understand what probiotics are exactly before we can grasp their benefits to our body.

What are probiotics?

They are a group of bacteria found in certain foods that have a positive impact on the body. While most studies focus on their benefits for the digestive system, it's now recognized that they can also affect the skin.

These bacteria assist in the fermentation of milk to produce dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, or cream. They survive the digestive process until they reach the large intestine and attach to it. Their primary function is to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and prevent the negative effects caused by other microorganisms.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that probiotics not only impact the gut but the entire body, especially boosting the immune system. By improving the digestive and immune systems, they also play a role in skincare, acting as a source of protection within the skin barrier, which prevents infections or the entry of harmful bacteria.

In other words, if you have healthy microorganisms in your digestive system, your skin will benefit from it.

Probiotics and the skin

Probiotics for acne:
Although there is still ongoing research, it is a reality that probiotics could help people with acne. This is because they inhibit the formation of certain oxygen molecules called 'reactive species,' which are responsible for the development of acne.
Additionally, they have a protective effect on the skin, helping to restore it rather than irritate or dry it out, as is the case with some other treatments used to combat acne.

Probiotics for atopic dermatitis:
Probiotics help control the inflammation of the skin caused by atopic dermatitis. This is possible because they contribute to strengthening the intestinal microbiota, which regulates the allergic response that triggers this condition.

How to incorporate probiotics into your daily routine?

Probiotics, as 'good bacteria,' are present in foods like cheese, yogurt, and, generally, dairy products. Likewise, the necessary amount of probiotics to contribute to positive skin balance can be included in your daily routine through other means. The simplest and most direct way is through dietary supplements.

This is the case with Skin Cure from Matcha & CO. It is developed to significantly improve the skin's protective barrier, as well as hydration, firmness, and elasticity. It contains a unique blend of probiotics specifically for skin health, along with collagen, hyaluronic acid, matcha, and vitamin B2.

On the other hand, the type I collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid found in Skin Cure come from egg membrane, a new vegetarian source to enhance the skin's protective barrier, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin aging, promoting hydration and elasticity. Additionally, collagen will also benefit your bones and joints.

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