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Consejos para elegir el mejor acondicionador para tu cabello

A good hair care routine is essential to maintain healthy and well-groomed hair. Shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are the basics that should not be overlooked. However, it's crucial to choose the right products that suit your hair type.

Selecting appropriate and quality products is important because using the wrong ones can damage your hair in the long run. Each hair type is composed of cells that deteriorate over time and can also suffer from improper use. Therefore, it's essential to develop daily hair care habits.

An important part of the hair care routine is the use of conditioner.

What Is Conditioner and What Are Its Components?

Conditioner is a cosmetic product commonly used after shampooing. It facilitates combing after washing, providing a smoothing effect that makes your hair look stronger and shinier.

For dry hair lacking natural oils, conditioner compensates by coating the hair strand, sealing possible breakage and damaged scales. It also penetrates the cuticle, protecting the hair from external damage.

As for the components, they vary depending on the intended purpose. Conditioners typically have a water or oil base, and they may contain the following elements:

  • Fatty compounds to lubricate and soften, such as olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Humectants that hydrate the hair fiber, like glycerin.
  • Silicones, which create a protective layer on the hair, providing shine but also causing hair to become flat.
  • Hydrolyzed proteins, both animal and plant-based, which bind to the hair, strengthening its structure.
  • Weak organic acids, like lemon or vinegar, that create an acidic pH for smoothness and shine.
  • Cationic surfactants, such as Quaternium compounds or Cetrimonium Chloride, which neutralize negative charges and grease the hair strand. Some may be irritating, so caution is needed.

Certain components should be avoided in conditioners, including:

  • Phthalates, used to add a clean or floral scent.
  • PEGs or polyethylene glycols, functioning as emulsifiers and emollients.
  • Sulfates, used as thickeners and foaming agents.

How to Apply It

Contrary to shampoo, conditioner should not touch the roots or the scalp. It should be applied from the middle of the hair to the ends using your fingers gently.

Leave it to act for two or three minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair strand and reach the hair fibers.

Rinse it out with plenty of water, preferably lukewarm, while combing your hair to remove any knots.

In terms of usage, conditioner should be used every time you shampoo your hair because it is part of hair hydration.

How to Choose the Best One

The choice of conditioner primarily depends on your hair type and needs. Healthy hair requires different products than dry or greasy hair.

Healthy and dry hair typically responds well to cream-based products, while dyed hair benefits from spray format conditioners.

Damaged and dry hair requires highly hydrating conditioners that provide deep nourishment. In contrast, oily hair requires a conditioner specifically designed without silicones.

For curly or frizzy hair, conditioners with keratin are recommended, whereas straight or limp hair needs products that provide movement and volume.

In addition to hair care through conditioners, you can also include a multivitamin complex in your hair care routine to care for your hair from the inside, providing it with everything it needs.

An example of this is Hair & Nails by Matcha & CO. This multivitamin complex, containing vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, combined with Biotin, L-Cysteine, Minerals, Iron, and Matcha, is specifically designed to strengthen hair and nails, increasing density, volume, and shine.

It has been laboratory tested, is chemical-free, gluten-free, not tested on animals, vegan, and has no side effects.

A healthy diet with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is key to maintaining strong hair and nails. These essential vitamins and minerals, along with Biotin, Zinc, L-Cysteine, and Matcha, will strengthen your hair follicles so that your hair grows strong from the roots. Increase the shine of your hair and strengthen your nails and hair.

Hair & Nails de Matcha & CO

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